Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fizzy book brain..must write!

I'm writing another post sooner than I normally would because I've got fizzy book brain and my synapses are zinging so much I have to write. Must write.....! Writewritewritewrite....Zing! Fizz! Zing!

This book writing process is farking intense.. 3 weeks ago I was writing the part of my story where I was around 80 days without the booze and realising that one of the hardest things for me with not drinking was to sit comfortably in the 'quiet' moments. The weekday evenings with nothing much happening, I'd get hit with big-time pangs.

At this early point in my sobriety I was realising that I used wine to fill the 'empty space' and that I had to figure out whether 1) this 'empty space' was a problem that needed to be solved or 2) this 'empty space' was a normal part of the human condition that I just had to get used to living with.

Re-living this and trying to put it into words for the book I was reduced to tears (literally in tears in my bed with the laptop) realising that this is something I still haven't 'solved' or 'fixed' or figured out ... that I am still very much a work in progress in this department and may be for the rest of my life.

I ground my way through that bit of the writing, sugar binging to help with the difficult emotions, managed to get through that point in the story, realised I am still a work in progress and need to keep working on me, thought about my brain/alcohol/brain/sugar/brain, decided to address the sugar binging, went on the Whole30, kept writing...

And now I've moved on in the book to where I'm writing about all the research and hard mental work I did to try to shift my thinking about alcohol so that I wouldn't be a miserable non-boozer for the rest of my life. I'm re-reading the 2 books that were so helpful to me back then (and big thanks to the anonymous person that reminded me that I could buy the e-version of Jason Vale and not wait weeks for the hard copy to arrive - duh) and I'm feeling all fired up and positive again!

Maybe it's because my body is a temple and I'm only eating whole foods, or maybe it's because Jason Vale and Allen Carr are so good at making all of the beliefs we have about alcohol (that it makes us happy, that it steadies our nerves, that it relieves boredom and stress, that it eases pain, that it helps us to relax etc etc) seem like complete and utter fallacies. They systematically break down all of these beliefs and tear them to shreds. It's so fun to read I'm telling you, reading them is making me feel all positive and strong and just amazing again about living a life without alcohol!!

That is all.

Love, Mrs D xxx

(Mr Hall I put that exclamation mark in the post title just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Do you recommend Jason Vale or Alan Carr for a first read on the subject?

    I am a big fan of yours and can't wait to read your book! You inspire me constantly with your blog and your strength.

    ... You fill up my senses....

  2. I've just finished reading Allen Carr. He thought me that it is all about mindset. We have to change our thinking about drinking. It's no fun, it's destroying our body. It sure helped me to make the final decision to quit. The only thing I didn't like about his wrtiting is that he wasn't able to 'connect' with me. To really 'hit' me. Fortunately a lot of bloggers on sobriety, like yourself, do. You really moved and move me. Reading your blog is very helpul, we are similar. And there are many of us out there. I'm grateful for that. Goodluck with the writing. It sure fills the emptyness, I guess.
    x Ivy

  3. Mrs D!!!

    i'm looking forward to buying your book, just so i can have all your inspiration in one, easy-to-use package!

    And thanks for the shout out! You rock!!!

    Al! K! Hall!

  4. Wow! I didn't know you were writing a book, I need to catch up on things. Way to go girl! But can I say I have a little writer's envy because I know you'll tackle it and get it done, just like you did your thesis and I'll still be dilly-dallying around saying, "I'm going to get this book done, really I am." I'm going to use you as an inspiration and impetus.

  5. You're an inspiration, Mrs.D. And I will surely be buying your book!

  6. I'll buy it too! You're awesome!