Monday, December 14, 2015

Gratitude and Love..

Here's a list of things I am grateful for and that I love..

I am grateful for my drinking problem because it has given me the rich gift of sobriety.

I love my husband and our three sons and our labrador puppy.

I am grateful to my brain for never settling for discomfort and always sending me messages that I need to work on things (like giving up drinking and stopping over-thinking).

I love my sobriety and I love my mindfulness practice. Both of these things have transformed my life.

I am grateful for all the fun times I have had partying in my life because they sure were fun! I am not grateful for the miserable boozing which dominated the end of my drinking career but I am grateful for the memories of those because they will help keep me sober.

I love pop music and fun gatherings and lovely friends and good books and comfy pants and scented candles and fresh flowers and holidays.

I am grateful for living in a safe society where we don't experience fear and misery on a daily basis (like many in the world do).

I love rambling around the hill trails above our house with our dog.

I am grateful for the online communities here on my blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at Living Sober. (I am giving away a free copy of my book on Facebook this week as a thank you to the growing community there!)

I love all the warmth and honesty and support that gets shared around these online spaces.

I am grateful for my health and my body which does a pretty fine job of containing my brain and moving me around my busy life.

I love soda water, lemons in anything, cheese of any sort, the green smoothie/juices that come out of my nutra ninja thingy, chips and dip, steak with dijon mustard, salads filled with herbs, and white chocolate/coconut ice/ginger crunch when I let myself have it.

I am grateful and I love many things.

Gratitude and love.

What more could you wish for in life?

Love, Mrs D xxx  


  1. I love your post! I am grateful that I have finally realised that alcohol is not for me... its taken me a long time to come to this.. fought it for so long... but now finally I am there, it makes me sad, lonely, unreliable, twitchy and chips away at my self esteem. I am grateful that I have come to an end with it.. with plenty of time to turn things around xx

  2. Also Mrs you have the link to your 20/20 interview anywhere.. I am currently reading your book which I love - thank God for kindle.. I have more books about giving up alcohol and can buy them freely without being judged :-)) would love to see the interview if it is posted anywhere, thank you S X

    1. Hi Anonymous the link is here or here

    2. thank you over the other side of the world so going to watch it now in bed x S

  3. Merry Christmas Mrs D. Because of you we are grateful you had the courage to do an interview on tv and change the lives of thousands. If I had not seen that broadcast I would still be in a self loathing, body destroying state. Love and best wishes..............

  4. Merry Christmas!
    And thank you, for showing so many people how awesome being sober can be!
    Me included!!

  5. I am grateful for you Mrs D you are wahine toa. Thank you for sharing your stories and your empathy and aroha that created this fabulous site. You have created a safe space that has become invaluable to so many. Have a great Christmas!

  6. I am definitely grateful for your blog that made me think and face my drinking problem. Your blog is the first I started reading. I also grateful to the sober community that I discovered. They provide so much support and undertanding. They are amazing.