Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ordinary sober housewifey life..

It's a good thing I'm walking the dog a lot because I am a piggy pig at the moment! Lots of lovely foody treats, but oh well... am not beating myself up too much about it. I can't be bloody perfect (nor do I want to be) so I will continue to have a robust and honest relationship with myself about my sugar and fat intake while allowing myself treats and forever attempting to moderate.

But no alcohol ever!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I can't quite believe that I've just stopped drinking alcohol and will never touch it ever again. But then I slip quickly back into the frame of mind that is well versed in why I have (stopped) and why I won't (ever touch it again).

The more time that goes on the more ordinary and comfortable it gets. Time really is a very kind mistress in terms of changing habits.

I've had a couple of drinking dreams recently but interestingly they haven't left me feeling unsettled like they used to. Drinking dreams have always been rather unnerving but nowadays they're not. Lately in these dreams I'm just telling someone that I don't drink or I'm in a scenario where I'm comfortably sober (it's enough of a feature of the dream that I'll call it a 'drinking dream' but really it's a 'sober dream'!) and I wake up aware that I had this dream but not out of sorts because of it.

FINALLY my subconscious is catching up with my reality.

Quite a bit going on for me socially at the moment - lots of evenings out and a few lunches - but I'm happy being more social than usual (seems like the right time of year for it) and I'm not worrying about my non-drinking status. It just is what it is, this is what I am, and none of my friends seem to care.

I think I'm still fun and interesting! I love that I can always drive myself home! I love that I sleep great every night! I love being sober!!

Mr D is away tonight and so is our middle boy (at a cubs tramp) so me and the other two are going to get Indian takeaways and I'll probably have a choc bar (delicious ice-cream) for pudding while lying on the sofa watching Dance Moms (awfully wonderful Reality TV).

But first I need to put the washing away, feed the dog, vacuum up all the crap off the living room floor, get into my comfy pants and pour myself a large soda water with lemon slices and ice.

Such is my ordinary sober housewifey life.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Great post! There is something special and soothing about the ordinary. Sounds like you are doing some extraordinary things though like being a good wife and mum... and being good to yourself. I look forward to your posts, you are doing great and extraordinary things Mrs D...Especially the living sober site, talk about a game changer. :)

  2. All of that sounds good to me! I wouldn't call your life ordinary, you've got a lot of plates spinning in the air! Not everyone needs to be sporty or a jet-setter or climb really tall mountains or be a CEO. Some of us just enjoy our comfy homes and family and Ikea projects (or maybe that's just me!). I am inspired by your commitment to keep blogging and sharing your story:)

  3. Ordinary is good. It is never boring. If anything it is quite inspiring. I am not even close to the point of socializing and going out. I am trying to limit my socializing, so that I don't put myself into a situation that makes me vulnerable. Not yet.

  4. Oh God the food thing! I swear I could go to a different twelve step group every night! Shopaholics - foodaholics- work etc - badchicesinmenaholics you name it! I too have social stuff like most people and like you I love being sober. I remember the conversations - love the food and leave when I want. My next day isn't list to the painful shameful fog of hangover and I don't try to snog (or worse) inappropriate men! Freedom!!! Lots of love Julie P xx

  5. I'm glad your drinking dreams aren't unnerving. I wrote my last post about dreams and even after seven years I am still dreaming I am drinking. Think it may be to do with stress!!

  6. I had a drinking dream where I told people I don't drink!
    That's good!
    PS - Being a mom is HARD work!