Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pure Unadulterated Joy

I have to share what happened for me on Christmas Day. Far out it was cool.

I was hosting the main meal for extended family - 12 adults and 7 kids at our house. I have to be honest - I was a bit stressed as meal-time approached. There was a lot to co-ordinate!

I had cooked a ginormous turkey and was hoping like hell it wouldn't be overcooked and dry (or undercooked for that matter). I was hoping the veggies would be ok. I was hoping that everyone would like my decorations and be comfortable in their chairs and feel happy to be sitting down to eat at my house.

But I had a lot of help, people bought salads and nibbles and pudding with them, someone took over finishing the gravy and cooking the peas, someone carved the turkey and someone else carved the beef fillet. Someone sorted people out with drinks and someone lit the candles and ...  many lovely hands made for relatively light work!

And then it was time to eat - the call went out - everyone sat down and the dishes got passed around and plates were filled up and word came back that the turkey was tender and juicy and delicious (hooray!) and all of a sudden I got flooded - like seriously FLOODED - with the most intense rush of joy.

It was pure, unadulterated, high-as-a-kite, genuine, authentic joy. Endorphins? A bit of relief mixed in there? Whatever it was it was a very heady mix and I felt so, so, so, so, so, so happy.

I'm telling you - I have been drunk and high hundreds of times in my life and no chemical high could replicate the very real feeling I had in that moment of intense happiness. Not just that moment - the feeling has lasted and lasted. Even now two days later I am basking in the glow of our lovely successful Christmas lunch.

For an hour around that table we shared a beautiful meal, ate & drank & chatted until I felt the need to raise my glass of soft drink and say a few words.

Four to be precise - "It's all about love".

And so it was...


  1. Amen! Just experienced my first sober Christmas since 1978. With family and friends, it was great!

    1. Same here. I just had sober and amazing Christmas. I didn't even know that I can enjoy holidays so much.

  2. Mrs D, it's wonderful to read this! I feel so happy for you. Wishing you all the love and joy you very much deserve!!! xo

  3. this made me cry a little bit.... so true. thanks for being here. it does keep getting better, doesn't it?! xx

  4. Beautiful, I am happy for you. :-)

  5. I loved reading this, because as this was my second Christmas sober,
    it was so much better.
    I was able to be there for my 90 year old mom and 87 year old FIL.

  6. Wonderful to read, the moments that transcend all the difficulties and worries. All about love, yes.

  7. Me, too, my friend, me too. My Christmas almost replicated yours, except for the helping hands, dammit! But still, it was all I could barely hope for and more. And you're right, it's all about love. Most of all our own love for ourselves, because unless we love ourselves fully, we cannot love others as we much possibly can. Love you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Isn't it wonderful that we get to face it sober and wish for other things these days?

  8. Awesome, Mrs. D!!! Sounds like a fantastic event. Congrats on your being able to enjoy it in the manner that you choose. You're quite an inspiration to many. Thanks for all you do!