Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy place..

I'm sitting on the sofa with my laptop typing while watching the Oscars Red Carpet on tele - talk about being in my happy place!! I have a huge basket of washing here that I am going to fold soon too. I have already done a good couple of hours of hard-out housework (scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping) and have walked the dog up the hill AND I just made some muffins for my boys to eat after school. I will go to get them in a couple of hours and then it will be busy, busy, busy till bed time.

So I have really earned this Oscars break!

Feeling very good right now, strong and proud of myself. So incredibly happy that I have stopped drinking alcohol and now move through my life with all it's ups and downs and NEVER escape my emotions or succumb to peer pressure or social awkwardness to pick up booze.

I think I've been fairly transparent about the fact that I've been going through a gritty time recently (things going on that I don't share about online) and I've come through this period feeling just that little bit stronger and more resolved about myself and this world we live in.

Once again proof that it's ALWAYS worth pushing through a tough time not drinking... the tears and discomfort and tension etc always pays off.

That's all for now - got to get this washing folded!

Love, Mrs D xxx

P.S. I did a podcast with Belle from the blog Tired of Thinking About Drinking ... was fun! You can listen to the audio for free here.


  1. Ah Mrs D - I always come back to your blog. I've slipped recently, so this is a great one to read. At this very second I'm pushing through a tough time; fighting the urge to drink to take the edge off my hangover. I need to get back to blogging (keeps me straight) and feeling good. Thanks for being all strong & inspirational :-) Red xx (RedRecovers)

  2. I writing this because I need help and I don’t know what to do…
    As I write on your page I have a glass of wine beside me. That may not seem so bad but its 11.30AM on a Tuesday (the one day I don’t work and I have the house to myself), my children are at school, and hubby at work. I have a problem!
    Typically I pour my first glass of wine at around 4pm, while I’m stating to prep dinner and kids are busy playing or watching telly. I feel extremely anxious if I don’t have wine in the fridge and its ALL I think about. I plan commitments around drinking, if something is on between 4-6pm and there will be no alcohol than I often don’t go, I hate people turning up to visit between those times as well in case they want a glass of wine as there will be less for me.
    Hubby and I took the kids camping last weekend and I said a few days out “let’s make it booze free”, he thought that was a great idea, however I took wine and some beers for him, as I couldn’t bear the thought of no wine for a night.
    I’m scared that without booze I will be unhappy, grumpy, bored and boring – truth is I’m all these things because of it!
    We live rurally – about 15km from town, I will drive to town everyday and often its just to go to the supermarket and buy wine. I drink on a average week 1 and a half bottles of wine per night. That’s approximately $100 + a week on wine alone, not to mention the fuel for all of the extra trips to town.
    I’m so tired of being extremely y tired all of the time, I don’t sleep well , and I wake up every morning hung over. Its affecting my weight as I eat more when I drink and I just cant dray my butt out of bed to exercise in the mornings. I hate to think what its doing to my organs and general health. I hate that I don’t remember the evenings from the night before, conversations had, things I did or didn’t do….I hate how often I make myself throw up in the bathroom before bed in the hope I will feel better the following morning..
    I took my son (8) to the supermarket the other day to get just a few bits , I grabbed some wine and he said “ of course, wine”, my heart dropped, even my kids notice it. We are an upper/middle class family and I’m ashamed of myself. We often struggle with money to do all the fun things we love to do and keep up our social lifestyle – but with the $100 + I spend a week on wine its no wonder!
    I want to give up drinking, maybe forever but I’m terrified. We are very social people and all our friends drink – its just what we do, I’m scared I wont have fun anymore… I’m so unhappy…
    I have an amazing life, amazing husband and children. I don’t want to loose it all because of the booze. I’m scared though that one day hubby will have had enough – he loves me so much but there is only so much a person can handle before it gets to hard!
    I have wanted to give up (or at least cut back to weekends only) for a few years now – hasn’t happened it, always tomorrow, I will stop tomorrow and it will all be ok! But its NOT OK!
    I know this letter is a bit of a gumble but I’m writing as I think rather than thinking what I write. I’m not even going to proof read this as I might end up deleting some things and I need this to be honest!!!
    I look forward to hearing a reply.
    Kind regards

    1. I would suggest stopping on a weekend or when you have a couple days off. I'm only on day 37 but those first couple were hard. After a few days I began to feel better and it is so worth it!! I imagine all the bottles of wine I would have drank during this's scary. Very hard on the body and mind. I read read read the blog's and others stories. We are not alone! All the time thinking and planning and hiding I spent. Now I have a thought of drinking and it passes...much easier than thinking about it all the time and drinking. You can do this!

  3. I always love how positive you are about not drinking!