Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yo..(lack of imagination with post title)

So I've been a bit grumpy, had a tummy bug on the weekend and didn't eat properly for 4 days, have had two drinking dreams, kids are being really demanding and I'm up against a deadline with my MA so am spending all my spare time writing and the rest of the time stressing that I should be writing, hence the grumpy-at-the-kids attitude, Mr D isn't around half as much with the long hours for his new job so I'm doing a lot of the parenting stuff alone and my young guy is now toilet training so I'm cleaning up a lot of accidents, it's raining and I feel like a bit of a stress cadet.

So! Time for some gratitude as someone sensibly suggested to me.

1) I am so fucking happy I could scream it from the mountain tops that I am sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I fucking love that I am dealing with all of this shit without the added complication of necking loads of booze.  Sorry about the swearing.

2) My boys are beautiful.  They are noisy, rowdy, pushy, demanding, argumentative wonderful bundles of life. They live life at maximum level and as their mum I have to constantly negotiate, mediate, placate and nurture them not to mention feed, water, clean and rest them but I love them so much I really do. They are good, crazy, special boys.

3) I just bought a lovely scented candle.

4) I have a great husband.

5) I have many many lovely friends scattered around this country and around the world and even though I am still sad to not be close to my friends we have just moved away from I have decided that friends are like precious jewels that you gather up and they never go away.

6) I am actually really enjoying this MA work (although it is hard to be doing it while being a full-time mum, but that is my choice).

7) I have my health, aside from the afore mentioned bug, and did I mention that I am so-fucking-happy that I am looking after myself and not slowly ruining myself with booze??!!

8) I am one month away from being one year sober and that, my friends, is a very very good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I am so fucking glad that you are sober too! I can't wait for your first birthday so we can celebrate.

    And as the mother of boys I will say (as we say in the states) I fell ya my friend...I feel ya.


  2. Woohoo! That means I'm one month and one week away from a year and to quote Laverne and Shirley, "We're going to make it after all" Fucking-A!

  3. Reading this really brightened my day! Way to go, Mrs D

  4. hooray, what a great post :) nearly a year with 3 kids and a thesis. holy, do you have enough on your plate at once? and yet ... and yet you're getting it done.

    and KM, i think it's Mary Tyler Moore :)

    interplanetary hugs from me.

  5. In the spirit of things absolutely fucking brilliant. Cleo xx

  6. Yay! Love that you love being sober. I know that feeling and I love that feeling, and same goes for the gratefulness. What a great post and sooo happy to hear you're coming up on one-year!

  7. Fantastic Mrs D, can't wait to celebrate your first soberversary.

  8. Happy Nearly anniversary!! :) yeaaah/!

  9. Wow...almost a year!!! You are amazing Mrs D...plain and simple!