Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Consistency is HARD!

I'm feeling pretty good this week. Why?

Well, for starters I'm eating well. After my cake eating binge on Sunday (literally ate half a lemon sour cream cake dripping with sugar syrup mmmmm) I've sworn off wheat and sugar and dairy for two weeks and now, three days into it, I'm feeling strong and proud and fine and dandy.

Secondly I'm moving my body and getting into nature regularly. I'm doing yoga at home still - yes! I'm going for walks around the hills in my neighbourhood with my girlfriends. I'm running around after my kids as per usual. And I'm attending my regular Tuesday night yoga class.

Thirdly I'm forcing myself to get more organised and focused on my new writing project rather than spend my down time during the day watching Netflix.

All of these things are contributing to me feeling great!

Clever, functional, healthy, positive thinking, forward moving Mrs D. Aaaahhh the joy in being so very successful.

Problem is, in two weeks time all of this could have gone to shit. I could be binging on the sugar again, spending far too much time watching tele, turning down offers to walk, failing to do any yoga at home and generally just wallowing in my piggy, lazy, unhealthy mindset.

If only I could be consistent!!!!! If only I could maintain a perfect perfect lifestyle 100% of the time.

Sadly that is not my reality. Consistency is not my strong point.

But you know what? I can't be bothered worrying about that right now. For fucks sake, I accept who I am, cake-binging warts and all.  If I slump into a pit of lazy despair in a few weeks so be it. Knowing me I'll lift up again afterwards and end up feeling like I do now. That's how I roll.

I'm a work in progress.. not a problem to be solved. And of course there is one MAJOR thing that I am able to remain consistent at, and that is not drinking alcohol ever.  If this the only thing I ever manage to stay consistent at for the rest of my life then that's ok with me.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Thank you for being you. ☺️

  2. I feel much the same way about a lot of parts of my life. If I can manage consistency in not drinking ever again, that will be good enough for me too. Today marks only two months for me. So far I have no interest in ever going back to the dysfunctional lifestyle I had! Thank you for inspiring!

  3. Nobody maintains a 100% compliance lifestyle.
    That is restrictive and unpleasant.
    Life is lived in the middle. When we strive for all or nothing usually we don't succeed.

    The one small change mentality honestly works. It is not glamouros. But it lasts.

    Perhaps reconsider everything you have given up and choose one thing. Maybe it is moving 30 minutes a day. Focusing on eating planned meals. Whatever.

    When we make sure we are supporting oirselves rather than inflicting ridges rules it is easier.

    After all, none of us needs to be a supermodel. We just need to move and feel good.

  4. I am not not a problem to be solved, either!

  5. You know what Mrs D - your WERE consistent at drinking alcohol and I am a firm believer that we do what we want.

    NOW you are consistent in giving up alcohol because it's what you want.

    If you REALLY want to do the diety/sugar think I know you absolutely can - you just have to want to enough :)

    Sometimes these things just don't matter enough, but that hardly means you lack consistency. How about you being a consistent role model to all of us then? And a great mother...

    Go you xxxxxx
    M x

  6. I can definitely relate to this. I have weeks where I feel flat, tired, I eat crap and feel crap. Then all of a sudden I feel better, I eat better, go to the gym and have more energy. The best thing about not drinking is being able to climb back on the horse sooner. While drinking the eating badly, no energy lifestyle could go on for months.