Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My body is collapsing that is.  It's so weird.  I used to pride myself on how physically strong I was and how I never got sick.  The odd tummy bug off the kids, occasionally some sinus issues but nothing really to write home about.  I've even joked to Mr D on occasion that it's my red wine diet that keeps me in such good health!

But now I've got a terrible head cold and my ears are completely blocked and .. this is worse .. much worse .. a pimple!  A PIMPLE FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!  I haven't had a pimple for at least 15 years and even before then they were few and far between. But now it's blinking at me from smack bang in the middle of my chin and I think .. hang on let me check .. yes, it's got a wee whitehead.  What???  How truly disgusting.  What on earth is going on? 

On a more positive note I've decided that now that I'm not pouring close to $100 worth of wine down my throat each week, I'm going to spend more on other fun things that I usually never shop for.  Clothes for me for one thing, and kitchen gadgets.

A garlic crusher!  A good can opener!  A wooden salad bowl!  What treats. You go girl.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Woohoo... Yes..you go girl! :) (cheerleading apparel on and in use here!)

  2. Loved this...chuckled along with you! A pimple!!! Geesh!

  3. A longtime overdueJuly 13, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    I too believed that I pickled all my bugs, hence my consistently good health. I gave in to the urge last night, even though I had a 100 signs not to. We lost a family member yesterday suddenly. I had a beer and a glass of cheap wine (purposely chose the cheap bottle - it wasn't that nice). AND a cigarette - that was circumstantial. Anyway, woke this morning knowing I had consumed all of the above and much preferring to wake with none of the above. Good.