Saturday, September 17, 2011


I think it's really funny that every time I come to this blog site (which is every day) I check my stats.  I had two hits in the first two days! Who were these people I wondered.  So exciting! Someone in South Africa read my heartfelt blog about attempting to give up alcohol!  And someone in Brazil! Then a few days later two more hits, I now had four! Four hits!  (One was from New Zealand, that was probably me checking myself out).

But then, four hits stayed.  Four hits.  Four hits.  Now those four hits are so long ago they've travelled off the graph and it now says "no stats please check back later".  HA!

So, enigmatic Mrs D.  This blog is just going to be exactly what you intended which is a diary to yourself that happens to be in cyberspace rather than in a notebook in the bedside drawer.

Had some tears yesterday afternoon with Mr D and confessed I felt 'raw'.  Tried to explain to him what I meant, that deciding to remove alcohol from my life has left me feeling rather stripped back.  That instead of spending so much time under the influence of alcohol I now have a brain that is always sober and that is confronting.  He understands and is so supportive.  He will be very proud and impressed when (not if) I pull this off.

Out for an early fish n chips dinner at some neighbourhood friends last night, Mr D had a few red wines, the other bloke is a teetotaler due to health issues so he and I had a couple of lime juices together.  His partner had one glass of wine, the demon is definitely not in her.

So here I am, Saturday morning no hangover! Only four hits ever on my blog!  It's all good...

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Okay...I am not stalking you, but reading through your blog now...and I have about 5 really good friends who are struggling with alcohol, I might have to direct them to your awesome blog! You go girl!! ~ Juanita.

  2. Lol guess your stats going bonkers now. I wrote a diary to myself after I broke up with my ex. It was fantastic, I got so much down, everything I was feeling, I did it before the blog days and it is on my computer and I still read back thru it to remind myself about how far I have come. My desire for him or my past life has long gone and I am totally free of that. I'm hoping this blog and maybe me blogging will take me thru the same journey with alcohol. Cheers and thanks.

  3. A longtime overdueJuly 2, 2014 at 9:45 AM

    Lol alright, stats through the roof! Took me a few days to own up to my husband re relationship with alcohol. He knows I drink too much at times and the hangovers frustrate him. I guess he rightfully sees them as a waste of time Laughed at your remark re one glass of wine girl - why bother, we think! Wish I could still be Mr D and have a few red ones....but then I remember. Loving the clear head on waking, still not feeling mint but not getting enough sleep either. I think I noticed myself being a lot more tolerant with my children this morning, even having a laugh with one. I tried never to take my fuzzy head out on my kids, it wasn't their fault after all but maybe it affected my tolerance levels???? Will be taking a bit more notice of the next couple of mornings before the holidays. Still want booze but not the affects.

  4. I have been trying to get sober for 3 years. I recently took up writing a blog and I found this post of yours from your early days of sobriety and I have to say, I feel the same. I was hoping to have more support, but I know it takes time. Right now, writing to myself in cyberspace is helping me get it out there. Helping me to be accountable to myself. I have one person that is following my thoughts. That one person is keeping me going.