Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A sober Christmas...

I've been looking forward to it actually.  A chance to show everyone how happy I am sober.  Oh clever sober me!  Planning nice fresh ginger beer drinks and lime and mint crushed with ice and soda water.  Super! Wonderful! Awesome!

But here I am, four sleeps to go, it's nearly midnight, I'm wound up like a top, my brain is whirring and I've just snuck quietly out of the bedroom to come write this blog in the hopes that it will release some of the tension in my thoughts and I can get to sleep.

I think I've been living in a lovely sober bubble for the last however-many days that it's been since I took the wine away (just did a quick check, 106 days). Just me in my house with my lovely husband and sons and my neighbourhood of friends plus family, some close, some far away, all there on the phone and email etc..

And now it's Christmas and everyone is descending on us and I'm doing all the organising (which is fine, I'm an organisational geek) but there's things being said and actions being taken that is the usual stuff of families but it's like brutal fingers are poking, poking, poking at my bubble upsetting my quite delicate equilibrium.  I don't think I realised quite how delicate it was. 

It doesn't help that I wrote in my last post that I loved 'getting out of it' and I've just been thinking of getting out of it lately.  Just getting totally 'out of it'. OUT of it.  OUT OF IT.  Just getting out of it.

I'ts not going to happen though.  Oh no siree bob.  No fucking way. I'm going to grit my teeth and get through.  And who knows maybe this tension will pass and I'll enjoy myself!  I'm sure I will actually.  Once everyone is here in one place I can submit to the craziness and look in my boys faces and feel good for them and look in the mirror and feel good for myself because all I have to do is not drink and everything will be alright in the end.

Oh and I've finally gotten organised to get the old photo of me scanned and have posted it on my 'Who Am I?' page so go take a look!  Mr D says I haven't aged a bit.  Flattery will get you everywhere Mr D.

Love, Mrs D xxxx


  1. Good luck Mrs D. Remember, it's the first drink that does the damage. Don't pick up the first one and you won't get drunk. There are no days off if you are an alcoholic.

    I expect you have already thought of this, but so much food/chocolate etc at this time of year has alcohol in it. Don't be deceived into thinking it doesn't count. If in doubt avoid it. The odd bit taken unwittingly and accidentally probably won't do any harm, but don't let your ism talk you into thinking that liqueur chocs and sherry trifle etc don't count.

    Did you read Mr Sponsor Pants guide to surviving the holidays?

    November 28th if the link doesn't work. Look forward to reading about how well you did after the holidays.

  2. This will be my first sober holiday. I had a meltdown about a week ago where I felt completely overwhelmed with everything I had to do and all the feelings that go along with that. I've never had to actually deal with them before. Things feel better now and I bet you can get to that place too. The one thing that keeps me going is how miserable I was this time last year when I was drinking heavily. That was a very unmerry christmas. Good luck to you!

  3. Yeah it will be a test of patience and just brutal listening skills once they get a few drinks into them.

  4. The other day I told my friends down here in Mexico about the nice thoughts and all of my good intentions I have about them when I am tucked safely away in Colorado and then I get down here and they fuck it all up for me. Day 100 for me, and you and me and all of us out here in the sober blogosphere are going to soldier on through this holiday season. Let's have a contest and see which one of us is the first to have a drinking friend approach us after the new year to ask us how we did it.