Saturday, December 17, 2011

What are you thinking?

So there are a lot of people that come to my blog and not many that comment.  And that's totally fine, this ain't no guilt trip to get you to comment. 

For while the comments I do get are really lovely, (some have made me cry with their kindness, or get a little teary at least, some have really helped me be strong when I was in a rough patch, and some have made me laugh out loud) really this blog is mainly written for me to help keep myself sober. 

It actually came about because when I finally decided I was going to take the plunge and attempt to completely remove alcohol from my life I thought about getting a diary to put in my top bedside drawer so I could write every day and keep track of my thoughts and boost myself along.  Then I thought why not type it down somewhere, then thought open a blog, do it anonymously and .. well here we are.

But for all of you that do arrive here and then leave without commenting I can only guess at what you're thinking.  So I'm going to take a stab at what your thoughts might be and put you into three categories.

Reader Type-A is thinking: "Man that Mrs D, wow she's amazing to be removing alcohol from her life.  How cool and strong is she!  And she seems really down to earth, such brutal honesty.  I've been wondering about my own alcohol intake .. I'm going to have to keep coming back to see how she's getting on."

Reader Type-B is thinking: "Jeez, what a lush Mrs D is.  Can't believe she was such a boozer, all that wine drinking, what loser behaviour.  Only dicks can't control their alcohol.  I bet she's going to relapse.  I'll pop back every now and then just to see her fail."

Reader Type-C is thinking: "What the hell is this?  I'm looking for the blog of the uber-cool New York DJ Mrs D.  This ain't the right Mrs D! *navigates away*"

Ha!  No but seriously, I've decided to put up a pic of myself as soon as I can get it scanned (it's old, but very appropriate).  So whether you're Reader A or B watch this space and you'll get to see what I look like.  If you're a Type-C and you've made it this far - what the hell are you still doing here??!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I have a Reader Type-D for you, Mrs. D 

    "Man that Mrs D, wow she's amazing to be removing alcohol from her life. How cool and strong is she! And she seems really down to earth, such brutal honesty. She’s such an inspiration to me. Although I’m always touched by her posts I rarely if ever can find anything remotely clever to say in response. I come back because I believe in you and despite my several slips I know that you believe in me too”

  2. Hi Mrs. D,

    I think I've commented once or twice. I follow a lot of recovery blogs which is how I came to find yours. I like your honesty. I'm not sure I fit into any of your reader type categories. I am not an alcoholic but I was raised by one and have lots of it in my family. Maybe that's the appeal? But mostly I really enjoy reading about real life and how people get through/past problems and issues they have. We all have them don't we? Addiction or something else- we all struggle. I also have found some great blogs through your "My blog list". So thanks for that. I wish you continued success on your journey. I'll be back-but I may not comment:)

  3. I'm with the first commenter -- Type D. Also you are such a great writer.

  4. Well... I'm definately not anonymous at all! haha..(after all my comments to date) I just think you're brilliant and hope to see you succeed!! ;) Juanita.

  5. Hmmm, my thoughts are: I like your honesty and can relate to your struggle/ trial as I have been through a massive one myself. I can't pretend to know what it's like and I won't as that's disrespectful to you, but I am cheering you on. I have no experience with alcoholism so am judgement free. I just like your blog xx

  6. Mrs D keep posting I look forward to reading your blog daily. Your words are helping more people than you know ...including me!

  7. Well, I feel like I'm your long lost twin, so I can't wait to see the pic. Sorry I haven't commented lately but I've been really busy (lame excuse I know, but this is the one month of the year I am actually busy) and I knew I wouldn't do justice to the comments I wanted to make. I have been reading though, so keep on doing what you're doing, dear amazing, uber-cool, ain't no way she's (we're) gonna relapse, fearless Mrs. D.

  8. Great blog! Funny post. You can file me under Type D as well!

  9. I relate to your struggle and am inspired by your progress. Thanks!

  10. Late on the bandwagon, but I am really, REALLY enjoying reading your blog from the beginning up to the present.

    Your blog is SO refreshing to me because I am in a similar situation, and I find it really, really helps me get through this by reading people's honest, humor-filled struggles. I haven't cut it out completely, by the way, but I cut it down severely, from 7 nights a week heavy drinking to one night, sometimes heavy, sometimes moderate. But it's made a big difference. I also would do this with my partner, which made quitting and cutting down more complicated. I was able to have the courage to leave it behind 6 nights a week by reading Dry, and realized that honest, no-BS accounts of real people with a great sense of humor make me feel the best. Then I found your blog! I love it! It gives me warm and cozy feelings inside--the ones that we seek when we drink but never find, only the real thing. You know what I'm talking about. :)

    Anyway, thanks, and I'm sorry, but I do have to sign this anonymous for now.

  11. Type D Type D!!!

    I dont know if you even go back and read comments from your old posts, but Im only up to here as I started from the beginning a couple of days ago.

    I am just about to cross off my 6th day of sobriety and found your blog through a path that started something along the lines of "mom quit drinking" I remember seeing something on TV about a comedian blogger mother who quit drinking.

    Turns out there are many many mums out there just like me.

    Thank you so much.

  12. Hi Mrs D. Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy and get from your Blog. I am 37, mother of one daughter and two step-daughters and I too have a drinking problem. I can relate to you in everyway. I live in Christchurch NZ and up until Saturday went from heavily drinking to only drinking once or twice a week, but would get so drunk. I was doing ok until just this last Saturday night I went to a family BBQ and thought to myself ok, now I used to drink wine and that didnt agree with me so I will be fine drinking beer....Oh how wrong was I. I cant even remember the BBQ. My mum is very angry at me, my partner although supportive is disappointed in me, the guilt and self-hatred is almost overwelming. So today is only day two of the start of my sobriety over again. It has taken me along time to realise that I cannot drink. Not wine,not beer, not anything. And I have to do this, I dont want to spend the rest of my life hating myself. Anyway I could write for hours but just wanted to thank you for your blogg xx

  13. I'm loving your blog posts, I'm on day 4 so it's still early days for me. I thought my drinking was ok and that I was in control......funny that.... as I hid wine bottles in my room from my flat mate, go to the shop on the way back from a party because I didnt feel I'd had enough, post crap on Facebook, last year I had a drink driving accident, luckily no one else involved I, I just couldn't remember if I'd turned the corner or not as a got dazzled by full beam headlights on a dark country road....went straight through a hedge and a the hell have I thought I was in control?!?!!!

    Please keep writing (I'm reading from start to finish) xx