Friday, September 7, 2012

Got my wings now...

Had a lovely soberversary.

Rode for an hour on the bike at the gym watching Channel E with headphones on.

Went to posh deli for lots of foodie treats with the little guy in tow (he chose marshmallows and one big green apple).

Had a long hot shower back home and took my time choosing clothes, laying out outfits on the bed (I never do that).

Went online and bought some second-hand cassettes to listen to in the car which has no CD player (The Beatles, Paul Simon and The Cranberries - best I could find).

Had lovely long phone call with my baby sister.

Did puzzles with the little guy on the floor.

Went to scooter park with all the kids after school. Bought nice takeaway coffee.

Ordered Indian takeaways for dinner, me and the boys all ate too much but boy was it yummy.

Kids watched cartoons before bed - big treat.

I finished up on the sofa watching the final of my current favourite Reality TV programme with a mug of green tea and a piece of coconut ice.

Thought about how my life is like a pencil drawing.  Now all sharp edges and clear. Before with wine it was like something had been smudged all over the top of it.

It was an interesting day, emotionally.  Actually I just felt calm and quite at peace.

Yes there are hard times, those sharp edges cut sometimes, but I like it like this.  It's challenging and interesting and ... well frankly I just don't want to go back to being that boozy mum who was so reliant on wine.

Mr D left a present in my top drawer when he went away - texting me from the taxi en route to the airport telling me to go look at it.   A lovely broach, silver with wings.  Wrote me a card which says "On your one year anniversary. I'm very proud of you, you are an inspiration to us all.  You got your wings now."


Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Oh my...I was okay until the part about the gift. Now I'm all misty. You've got a keeper there!

    And one more time CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Well done, Mrs. D. I'm glad to know you :-)

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  4. How great to be sober a year! How great to have the support from your hubby! How great to see clearly now!

    I live seeing things clearly now. It's a wonderful experience and gift. I'm so happy that's got to discover this part of my life...a sober part. You are an inspiration Mrs D. Thank you for your feedback during my journey!


  5. But Dear, you already have a set of wings.

    I cheated and read your blog even though I said I wouldn't, now I'm going to have to throw some hints the capn's way for my own little soberversary present.

    I'm so proud of you. Thank you for this year, you've been one of my best blessings.

  6. how he loves you! that note made my cry! he's so proud of you and look how well you're doing :) You must be proud of you, too! I like the image of you wearing a pin with wings, as a reminder of the wings you have grown for yourself, drawn in for yourself. hooray and congratulations to you. a year. man, that's a long time!

  7. Wonderful Mrs D. Here is some huge applause for you

    Love the note and present from Mr D. Made me cry too!

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. May you long continue.

  8. Rushing here as usual. Happy Soberversary, what a lovely day you had.
    Off on 8 hr journey to prison and back now! But the sun is shining and the picnic is packed :-)
    Lots of Love to you Mrs D, love the pencil drawing vision x

  9. Your husband is a wonderful man.

    And it won't always be so edgy.

  10. Well done mrs d. And mr d too!

  11. You know that post I wrote a while back about crying at random times, well, reading about your husband's gift caught me off guard and now I gotta go get some tissues. :) He did good. And you did good, too.

  12. Well done Mrs D! You are an inspiration. You make me laugh, cry and most of all proud to be in such cool sober company! Keep on doing what you're doing!!
    Saviingmylifeandsoul. X

  13. Congratulations, Mrs. are an inspiration in so many ways!


  14. So pleased the day worked out well for you after your anxiety leading up to it. Well done. I know its a cliche to say "I can never thank you enough" but its true in my case. Finding your blog really set me on my way.

  15. What a wonderful way to celebrate one year and what a sweet, thoughtful husband you have. Those sharp times can be really hard - no doubt at all - and I appreciate your honesty here. I also love that you appreciate all the good stuff, big and small...very inspiring.

  16. Good Gravy, what a wonderful day!

    That was jam packed with fabulousity!!

    I, too just celebrated one year away from the horrors of alcohol and the ruinous scenes witnessed by my children.

    My anniversary was like a wonderful Academy Awards show, where I won. My son was there and I think it gave him a little closure on the pain.

    Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!

  17. Belated congratulations on receiving your wings. One (plus!) year is an achievement to be proud of.

  18. Congratulations!!! Sounds like a wonderful celebration and I think Mr D was so sweet to give you something so special! You are wonderful!