Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seven comforts...

Still thinking heaps about the fact that I'm sober all the time. Kind of over it but for some reason it's pretty front and centre of my mind.  Lately I've been thinking lots about how it's lucky that I actually don't want to drink alcohol.  I said to my dad the other day 'it's not the not drinking that's hard, it's the learning how to live sober that's hard'.

I keep a very clear picture in my mind of that boozer that I was, and it makes me shudder. I always think of how I'd go to the toilet 3-4 times in the evening, progressively getting more and more pissed .. doing the short walk to the loo and then sitting there staring at the back of the door thinking 'I'm pissed'.  So gross.  Stupid solo boozer me.  It was quite a solitary pursuit, my drinking.  Especially in the latter years when I was mostly at home because we had kids and Mr D was a shift worker so going to bed very early in the evening.

I also think how I was always driving and debating whether to buy wine, and always stopping at random bottle shops to grab a bottle or two. I never had stores in the house... had to get on the day what I wanted to drink that night.

I grabbed a random book from the library in the 2 minutes the boys gave me to look.  It's called The Gentle Art of Domesticity and in it the author talks about how the number seven is often a magic significant number in fairy tales (seven dwarfs, ravens, years, brides, sisters, daughters, brooms, wonders and spells).  She then lists the seven things that give her great domestic comfort. A fun exercise.  Here are my seven domestic comforts that give me great pleasure and happiness..(not counting my family, that goes without saying).

1) My bed.  Love it.  Have a new cover that makes it even more heavy and snuggly.

2) The fluffy white rug at the end of our bed.

3) The radio.  It keeps me company. Keeps me stimulated. Keeps me entertained. Keeps me informed.

4) My cookbooks.  A growing collection now that I have really started focusing on teaching myself how to cook better.

5) Gorgeous tea cups.  I have a large collection of tea cups.  They're everywhere.

6) Our rice cooker.  It's new! It cooks rice!

7) Girly stuff.  Jewellery.  Hair products.  Hand creams.  Lotions and potions. Scarves. Nail polish.

I'm working on appreciating all the things that I have, that I love.  Learning how to feel good in a raw state without having to fill up with wine.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I love cookbooks, I can spend a day just reading them, (I do cook something out of them once in awhile, too). I keep chiding myself and telling myself I don't need to buy anymore, I can get any recipe I need on the internet but it doesn't work, I've got two new ones waiting on me when I get home to CO, Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking (Ordered while watching that movie a couple of weeks ago) and one on Italian cooking. I can't wait to get home and crack them.

    You should have told me you need a rice cooker, I bought one but even it can't cook rice at 10,600 ft altitude.

    Much love, Kary

  2. 'it's not the not drinking that's hard, it's the learning how to live sober that's hard'.

    Amen to that!

    i also loved the idea of Seven Comforts. Interesting for me because i would not put my computer as a comfort, even if that's where i spend 90% of my time at home. Something to think abotu!

  3. Yes learning how to live sober when all around you are drinking. Wouldn't it just be so easy if we emigrated to Sober Planet? All our lovely understanding blog world together? Dream on.....
    I am becoming more domesticated but would still struggle with the list of 7. But here goes - without too much thought: Bed, bathroom (mine alone, no sharing where I am!), my couch (again no sharing), paintings from around the world, pantry (a luxury when I only had cupboards before), outside living space, TV (sad but true).

  4. You're so right about the hardest part not being about drinking so much as finding new comforts in everyday life. Love the 7 comforts of home list. Like a gratitude list, but more practical. And yep, remember looking in the mirror late at night thinking "I'm so drunk" and being disgusted but doing it all over again the next night.

  5. iPad
    Tea and a chocolate treat after dinner
    Warm bath, scented candle
    Breakfast time in my kitchen with a clear head (no counting the empties)
    Getting into bed knowing I have chalked up another sober day and being thankful for it
    Reading a book and not forgetting everything I just read
    Personal grooming time, my toes have never been so colourful!
    All of these things help me to that I have amazing life blessed with so many treats and comforts. It's hard being the only person who doesn't drink. I hate being the centre of attention for it! I'm bored telling people why I don't drink anymore. I just need to get used to being different in a good way! 67 days and counting...Savingmylifeandsoul Carrie

  6. SO, do I win a prize for being "follower number 69 ??" :@/

    I can be heard saying that exact thing!! To stop drinking is a cake-walk,, its learning how to "do" life that is difficult. Indeed!!

    Oh, and the candy?!! I have been waiting a few years for that craving to cease. My vice? Laffy Taffy

    Who does that??
    I must stop eating laffy taffy - the jokes are so dumb anyhow!!! Enjoy your gathering - friends and good food - doesn't get much better

  7. domestic comforts: nice crinkly-sounding down comforter on my bed (i love it summer or winter), my gigantic apple cinema display monitor (oh how i love thee), my perfect green tea cup that my husband always saves for me, my limited section of favorite books we had shipped to europe when we moved, my jigsaw puzzles (nothing says 'vacation' like a puzzle), podcasts (couldn't live without NPR and CBC and BBC), and finally ... North American flour that i have shipped from King Arthur. european flour sucks for making cookies. i have a friend with a military post-box, and KA ships the flour here ... i'm truly spoiled.