Monday, September 24, 2012


Crazy busy sober weekend.  Hosted a dinner party here on Friday night with a chef friend taking over my kitchen and doing all the cooking.  It was with a big group of old friends and at one stage I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and my mascara was running.

I better be honest and say there was a point at the table later on after pudding where I was just feeling kind of ... well .. sober I guess.  But that's because I was, and am, always.  Sober me.  That's the reality.  But overall it was a great fun night and I tried very hard to appreciate my together state when I cleaned my makeup off at the end of the night and put on night cream (terribly grown up).

Next day up bright and early (couldn't have done that with a hangover!) to take the boys down to the waterfront to ride their scooters.  I love waking up without a hangover and it always makes up for that slightly flat feeling I have in the evening when I am hit with the soberness of everything.  I read somewhere that you never wake up regretting not drinking the night before, and that is so true.

Then Saturday night we went out to a dinner at someone else's house! Another great night, this time meeting people I didn't know before. I am so much more comfortable meeting people when I'm sober all night.  I feel so much more together and happy chatting away with my wits about me (and not worrying that anyone is watching me hit the wines hard like I used to).

Our little guy is 3 today.  I'm so happy for him and the other boys that their mum is no longer a boozer. But I'm also pleased that Mr D can model moderate drinking.  Booze will be a big part of their lives, living as we do in an alcohol-soaked world, so they need to see that it can be enjoyed by some and handled well.  In addition to knowing that for some people (like their mum) it's very hard to control and for those people it's better to remove it completely.

Oh how that makes everything seem so easy! If only it were.  For today at least, it is.  I'm sure some more gritty phases will come.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. no sainthood required :) you've got kids (boys!) and a thesis and a busy life. a bit of cake here and there won't kill you. sounds like you had a lovely sober weekend filled with family and socializing and kids and sunshine. hard to do better than that!

  2. I can so relate to all this. Feeling so great the morning after but feeling a little too sober at times at the party. But its all about cost benefit analysis isnt it? This soberness is package deal that comes with self respect, great mornings + a little too much soberness vs the drunken life - well we know what that has on offer as a package deal don't we? Pity we cant just choose the bits we like but thats just it. Happy birthday to the Little Guy. He is a lucky guy to have you as his mom. C xx

  3. Happy Third Birthday to your little guy! You sound well and happy and together. I'm sure you will tackle the 2 (!) cigs and sugar when you're good and ready. You've got through so much this year, sober, Mrs D, much to be proud of. Love sent to you x

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts - love your honesty. I'm also a NZ mum with 3 boys. Managed to kick my sugar addiction after reading Big Fat Lies by David Gillespie.

  5. Happy Birthday to the wee one! Also, this: "you never wake up regretting not drinking the night before, and that is so true." i'd never heard that before but think i should have it tattooed somewhere so i never forget it! How true a statement that is.

  6. I can always relate to your words. Aren't the absence of hangovers worth it alone? Isn't it easier (and surprising) that socializing is easier sober? Isn't it nice knowing your littlest one is getting the real you, not some hungover, half-version? And yes, I will never regret not drinking. It's just so so true. xoxo

  7. Mrs. D, awe how I've missed your witty and honest blog. I am so very proud of you for following through on all the things you preached since the beginning, not many (myself included) are as capable. I've decided to come back to this blogging community, even though I may be on the other side of the fence for now, I am not going to feel shame and guilt but choose to listen and learn which is exactly why I started on here in the first place. I have learned soooo much and am sooo excited! Will be writing lots soon but wanted to stop in and say thank you for being so genuinely sweet to everyone, you are like one of those moms everyone wishes they had I bet. Take care xoxo