Saturday, May 31, 2014

Short and sweet….

Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely sunny holiday weekend here in my home town. Lots of the lovely little things that make day-in-day-out sober life so great.

Slowing down my mind and staying in the moment. Looking at the mist over the morning skyline.. the sun rising and hitting the tree tops..the birds flying around doing what birds do…cats doing what cats do.. children doing what children do.

Letting busy thoughts float away like scraps of paper in the wind.. thinking of three things I can see right now.. three things I can hear right now.. three things I can taste right now… slowing down my mind…staying in the moment...

Dancing around my kitchen to Sia's amazing new song Chandelier .. drinking lemon, lime and bitters at the pub with girlfriends.. drinking coffee at the sports field with my family.. drinking ginger beer at the dinner table ... drinking green tea at bed time...

Having bubble baths and reading my book and washing the windows and watching The Voice and doing my jigsaw puzzle and wiping the bench and sweeping the floor and playing Words With Friends with my friends and hugging my family and feeling good.

Feeling good.

Feeling good.

Feeling very very very very very very very very happy to have no alcohol in my life. I know I'm a broken record.

It's great to be sober.

And that is all I have to say right now.


Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Happy Saturday night Mrs D. The sober party is on over my side of town too! XXX

  2. Rocking it Mrs D! :) xx

  3. You are an inspiration Mrs D. The Sunday programme was so honest and brave. I am not surpised all the comments were positive- you deserve them. Thankyou to you and your man for sharing the story with us- I found it moving and inspirational.