Sunday, March 16, 2014


I wish I had more sober-tastic news to share but it's just been me bodging around my housewifey life the last few days.

I did go out to a bar one night last week with a girlfriend (after a spot of late night shopping) and had a delicious hot chocolate while she enjoyed a red wine. And another evening I went to a gathering with some other girlfriends where they all drank fancy wine while I enjoyed a sparkling lime drink. It doesn't really register with me any more that I'm depriving myself of the opportunity to drink alcohol…I don't feel nostalgic about the stuff.

Stupid dumb alcohol that lies to us and makes us believe it has all the power to make events fun.

Got sent the final page proofs from the publisher to check over before my book goes to print. Once again I'm having to trawl back over my last miserable drinking days and hard-going early sobriety days.  I made myself cry again. I'll sure be glad when it's signed off and committed to print - then I'll never have to bloody read it again!

I'll just have talk about it all the time with other people who have. That's ok. I soooooo loved doing The Bubble Hour I think I'm going to relish the opportunity to talk about being sober and our awesome online recovery community as much as I can.

I've confirmed with friends who own a bar/cafe in town that I can hold my book launch party at their place.. and we're going to get Mr D's cousin to DJ again so we can dance like crazy to 80's pop tunes all night - yeeee haaaa!!

I want to have a party coz I'll be a bit nervous when the book comes out.. and I think pulling all my friends and family together to send the book on it's way will help me to 'own it' (if you know what I mean).

Lots of people ask me if I'm going to have a dry book launch party and I'm like 'No way!' My whole point is that living sober is very personal for me but doesn't mean others can't do what they want. Fact is most people drink at parties and I certainly don't want to be the fun police. So I'll provide a nice mocktail at the start and after that a cash bar will be running so other people can drink what they want. I don't care what other people do. I have always just focused on fixing myself and my dreadfully unhealthy attitude to booze.

Actually I was quite chuffed when my publishers said to me 'I don't think we've ever had a book launch  party with a DJ before. Or a book launch party on a Saturday night for that matter!'

How ironic that it's the sober author of their new recovery memoir that is doing just that. Maybe I do have some sober-tastic news after all.

Love, Mrs D xxx

P.S. Check out this awesome post by Drunky Drunk Girl who is nearing her one year Soberversary and planning a party in a wine bar to celebrate. Sober-tastic indeed!


  1. that sounds like the best book launch party ever. how i'd love to be there - I am across world - no chance of crashing. 80's music with a dj yes! yes! yes! we "grew up" at the same time - partying the same way, developing same habits - crawling out now at 7.5 months. your blog was immensely helpful. can I just admit I wish I had your social life. serious problem here. need to start a blog about building a social life sober ... digressing. just wanted to say rock that party! it sounds fantastic!! will be ordering your book as soon as I can.

  2. Your book launch sounds like so much fun! Being surrounded by family and friends and turning it into a dance party does really change the image associated with the word 'sober' doesn't it? Congrats for getting through those proofs. xo

  3. I can't believe they've never done a launch party like yours before! What's wrong with them? Yours sounds like way more fun with or without booze.

    I entertain all the time and I always have booze available. Usually a nice wine and beer but my friends know where we keep the vodka, rum and whiskey (if we have any...I use it to marinate steak) so if they want any they're welcome to it...doesn't bother me.

    BUT I do get nostalgic about wine from time to time...I miss the experience. The experience in my head is not the reality as we all know, so it passes quickly and I don't give it another thought.

    I still want a copy of your book so make sure it's on Amazon! I can't WAIT!!!


  4. I can't wait to read your book! Way to go!

  5. Sounds like the perfect book launch Mrs D and true to 'you' :) xx

  6. I am so coming to that launch party, and so dancing with you! Drinking me didn't dance much, but sober me will be dancing with the best of them.

  7. I don't care if others drink around me, but I don't provide booze any more. Selfish? Perhaps. But alcohol isn't needed to have a good time; so at least at this point I've never felt like I *needed* to provide it. I guess if I had a big party with caterers I would; but I'm not really a big party person.

  8. Oops sorry Mrs D that was me! Have tried SO many times to post and say how fab you are and always from my mobile phone (I read you on the train for inspiration!) and it NEVER works. So, now, I've FINALLY remembered to log on from my computer and say thank you thank you thank you. I have read so much since I stopped drinking but you win several times over for writing what I feel. Keep it coming!