Sunday, March 9, 2014


It's Sunday morning and I'm about to make pancakes! Sorry to gloat but today I am just so happy to be sober!!!

It's a crazy busy social weekend and I've got my kick-ass sober attitude embracing me right through. This the attitude that refuses to give alcohol all the power to make events fun. Go ahead and drink if you want ... but for those of us who have taken it away because we can't moderate … I believe we should just forge ahead with the parties not caring that our glasses contain no brain bending liquids.

On Friday night Mr D and I hosted a dinner party. It was so fun planning the menu! Four courses of deliciousness. It was my sisters birthday and I decided we needed to kick-start the night with cocktails so off to the bottle shop I went and purchased a small amount of white rum for mojitos. It felt so treaty and fun getting the cocktail shaker out and of course mine was a virgin. Didn't care.

I had a great, fun, chatty night and felt good right through to the last course (honey poached peaches served in dainty tea-cups) and final hugs goodbye. Filled the dishwasher before falling into bed and completing all my moves on Words With Friends before sleeping soundly all night. Whoop whoop sober glory!!!!!!

My 3 year old nephew is staying for the weekend and Mr D had to get up and travel away for work so it was just me and four little boys all day yesterday until the BABYSITTER arrived and I got dressed up to go out to a RESTAURANT!! Sorry for the use of caps but I'm just so impressed with myself being so grown up and glamorous (ha ha).

Wore a fun fringed floral kimono top and drove myself to a new, trendy restaurant to join a huge group celebrating a dear friend's 40th. I was late arriving but some friends had saved me a seat and from the moment I rocked in it was lovely, chatty evening in a busy, buzzing environment.

Everyone at the table was ordering wines by the glass.. another round… another round… but I just had a soda water with lime and then a herbal tea which arrived in the cutest vintage tea pot with a matching cup and saucer. That really made my night. Have I mentioned before how much I love teacups? I love teacups.

Dropped a friend off, drove home to pay the babysitter, checked the kids, took off my makeup, put on night cream (I never do that), slept soundly all night. No bursting bladder, no sick guts, no headache.

And now it's Sunday morning, the sun is shining, my nephew has just come over for a cuddle, I'm about to make pancakes and spend the day taking kids to birthday parties then going to friends house for a BBQ.

Like I said at the top … sorry to gloat .. but seriously folks… who needs wine. WHO NEEDS WINE? #whoneedswine?

I ask you. Who needs wine?

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. It is so crazy that you posted this as I was just looking at a lovely vacation opportunity for my husband and I. He likes golf, I like the spa and then we would usually meet back get dressed and go eat a nice meal which meant drinks first, then wine at dinner. We also had a wine tasting option and they would have wine in our room. I didn't book it because I thought would I do that? How could I enjoy it if I can't have wine? All those things scream wine to me...vacation, spa, nice hotel, nice

    Then I read what you said and I thought...hmmm...good sleep, no headache, no guilt, no wondering what I said or did ...and then happy and ready for the next day. Maybe I could do this.


  2. no one man. *&^%$ no one! way to rock it. nice to have so many fun plans!

  3. Wonderful to read--I can feel your energy a continent away, Mrs. D! Isn't it GREAT when we finally get to that place, where we can literally take or leave wine, it makes no ripples, and we just go about our plans? Still working on actually liking socializing with drunk people, but I feel you--it doesn't bother me one bit to not be drinking when others around me at dinner or a bar are... Congrats on a fun-filled weekend!

  4. Going out with friends, having people over, socialising in general... before I quit drinking I was terrified of it destroying my social life. But blow me down, quitting drinking has improved my social life beyond recognition. I'm still not a party animal, but going out and being able enjoy the ambiance and people, stay clear-headed and cool, drive home, and get up feeling great... Priceless. Maybe it's time I learned how to make pancakes!

  5. Reading this post makes my heart sing! You are fabulous, and what an inspiration to all of us still struggling with learning that celebrating and having great party times does NOT depend on drinking alcohol!

  6. Amen to that Mrs D :) Glorious spring day here and so glad not to have a hangover ;0) xx Will tweet it out for ya! xx

  7. I totally agree. I can socialise with drinkers and even enjoy myself sometimes! I apologise for self-promotion (Mrs D please remove if you feel inappropriate) but I wrote a booklet called "How to Party Sober" for just these occasions. Sadly it is no longer free to download but here is the link to Amazon Australia:

  8. Now that is a wonderful weekend!

  9. Love it love it bloody love it!!!


  10. That was #awesome. Well done Mrs. D. Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake # bit. It's very funny. #whoneedswine, #notme

  11. Frankly never liked wine when I drank! Only drank it cos it seemed acceptable at times - i.e. when eating.

    However - agree with all that. I love tea - always now seeking out tea shops in various English towns rather than finding a nice little pub... ;-)

  12. I love this! So inspiring to actually have FUN in sobriety, isn't it? Love the moments when it's not about "not drinking" any longer, but about enjoying ALL of the other beautiful moments that life has to offer. Thanks for the dose of positive sober vibes today!

  13. I've just spent the last couple days reading your blog from start to finish. There were times I felt like commented, but decided to do it once I had caught up. I cannot express to you how much the following sentence, which you have used a number of times, resonates with me: I never wake up regretting not having drunk the night before. I would consider myself a binge drinker, one who can go for very long amounts of time without a sip and not think twice, but once I give myself permission for a night out drinking, my off switch does not work and the feeling the next day of wondering what I may have said or done is gut wrenching. No one I know would ever think I have a problem but I know that if I do not stop now, I will one day do something in a drunken state that saying sorry will not un-do. I'm 28 years old, a young professional from Ottawa, Canada and as of March 2, 2014, I will live my life alcohol free because I know that I have to. My next binge may not be bad, heck my next half dozen may be tame, but I know that there is a bad one in my future if I continue.Thank you so very much for writing this blog. Although our stories are different, what you have learned and shared through this process has been extremely eye opening to me. Keep being the bad-ass, inspiring woman that you are! With lots of love from Canada. xo

  14. I just wanted to say that your blog has been so incredibly helpful to me in my journey. I wanted to thank you for putting your story out there because it's touch me and given me hope.

  15. This post makes my heart sing -- sobriety has been such a goift for so many of us!

    Big sloppy hug and smooch for you, Mrs D