Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another technique.....

I realise I'm using this visualising technique quite a bit trying to retrain my brain to see life without alcohol.  When I'm staring down a looming event I'm doing what I spoke about in the last post (although it has to be said I haven't had to experience even one of those scenarios yet).  I'm trying to be cool about it by thinking of myself as that sparkling sober version of myself.

And I'm kind of doing the same when staring down a looming Tuesday evening.  A random week night at home feeding the family, tidying up, dealing with small boys, getting the house to bed.  Normally I'd accompany that with at least a bottle of wine rapidly poured down my throat.  But no longer.  That's hard.  I used to love the wine.  'SHOW ME THE WINE!' My inner voice would yell.

So now, as four o'clock rolls round and the hand ticks by to 5pm when on the dot I'd start drinking, I try to work my brain to see through the evening and out the other side.

Does that make sense?  I make myself imagine climbing into bed at the end of the night.  Or waking up in the morning.  I try and look through the fog of 5 to 8.30-9pmish which would usually be spent drinking and imagine the climbing into bed bit.  Sober.  I visualise myself cleaning my teeth and getting snugly in my bed.  I'm looking through the evening and willing the time ahead to where the drink would be finished with anyway. 

This helps me.  But it still takes quite a bit of work.  I am kind of obsessed.  I look forward to it becoming easy.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I like that idea of visualizing getting ready for bed. This is my tough time too...the dinner hours. If I can hurdle that, I'm all set. And you have posted several times how much you love climbing into bed sober, so to keep that in mind to get you through the tough hours is very smart. I also love that ...getting to bed sober. Reading a few pages in a book and not just passing out only to wake in the middle of the night. I only hope that one day we don't have to do all this thinking...that one day 5 o'clock won't mean anything.