Friday, October 7, 2011

Flat and fat..

I feel flat (emotionally) and fat (physically) today.  I'm not fat technically speaking by the way, but I am heavier than I should be and could definitely lose some weight.

I think obsessing about weight is boring, but how you feel about yourself mentally often manifests itself in how you feel about yourself physically doesn't it?  If I'm feeling low I usually have an inner voice saying  'you're fat and ugly' but if I'm feeling great I think I look just fine!

It's the weekend and I did my usual Friday morning treaty shop.  Fresh flowers, some nibbles for Friday evening (feta dip, pita bread and some pistachio nuts), plus a bottle of expensive red wine and some beer for Mr D. 

Am I tempted to drink that?  No I'm not.  Not in the slightest.  But I am feeling flat.  And fat.  So it must be having an impact somewhere.

On a brighter note, to remind myself how much better I feel not drinking I want to say how happy I am every night when I climb into bed sober.  I love getting in to bed at night without being full of wine.  I feel so happy at that point.  It's even better than waking up without a hangover and the guilts.

So that's a bright note to end on.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Hi Mrs. D., I just read your whole entire blog! So you see someone is reading! I have a slight addiction of my recovery blogs. I find what you write about so honest and real. I've enjoyed reading and I'll be back!