Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stock take..

I have 5 hours left of my 30's.  I am about to move into the second half of my life.  That's how it feels to me anyway. So, a stock take...

I have arrived at 40 with;
A wonderful husband
Three awesome sons
A mortgage
A cat
A people mover with remote control doors
Life insurance
Health insurance
No stretch marks but...
A wobbly tummy and ...
A few grey hairs
Good teeth
A strong body
A healthy heart
Lots of lovely friends
A warm loving family
A successful career (to fall back on when I require)
A fascinating research topic for my MA
A moderate interest in politics
A growing interest in cooking
A huge interest in pop culture
A drinking problem

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Love your blog - it is so raw and honest.

    Keep going day by day and be gentle on yourself, you are getting there.
    Oh, and don't be too upset with the Aus v NZ Rugby on the weekend - I am not going to watch it with others so that will take the heat to drink off me.
    (Upset that is if NZ lose, but I reckon NZ will win, just quietly).

  2. I have just recently found your blog (even now, months later, your readership is growing!). This is my first time posting on a blog, but felt compelled. I am where you are...only older. How much I wish I would have made this decision at 40. I could have had 7 additional years to be "present" with my children. Regardless of what happens (I haven't made it through the rest of your story yet to know), making this choice now is something to be proud of. There is no claiming the years that are gone, but there are so many left ahead and I applaud you for not wasting anymore time. Instead you are living. Good, bad, and ugly - it has to be better than numb! Happy belated birthday! :)