Friday, October 21, 2011

Just quietly..

Went to a big glitzy function last night, oh so very posh, and had a couple of delicious lemon drinks and an orange juice.  No problems!  Usually at a function like that I'd be chasing the wines and my regrets the next morning would be "who saw that I was boozing?"  But today no worries!

Every morning I wake up feeling clear, and I am starting to relax and accept that this new clear-headiness is with me to stay, I am embracing the new sober me and I like her.

I'm feeling empowered by my decision to remove alcohol from my life and really happy and proud of myself that I am doing it.  I feel like this is my only life, this is it, and I'm living it how I want to.  That's a great feeling and long may it last.

I'm reading Jason Vale's 'Kick The Drink ... Easily!' and he's got some great words, I'm really enjoying it actually.  He's just breaking down life into a series of events and examines exactly what you are getting by adding alcohol into each one (answer: nothing) and how we are brainwashed and conditioned into accepting this drug as a normal part of life from day one.  Really examining what alcohol does to the brain and body, and how the addiction rules you, and how it's not necessary to drink alcohol in order to have fun or enjoy any special occasion. 

He talks about being free.  And I like that.  Free!  It's a light word, denotes a lightness of mood and mentality.  I'm going for that.  A fun, free attitude to being sober.  Not brooding around being tense and glum, dreading events, feeling left out or hard done by.  Free!  Sober but still fun.

I'm not saying that everyone who is drinking alcohol is not free.  It's just that I certainly wasn't with my determined dysfunctional drinking habit.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. This is the second reference I've heard of this book in two days. Thinking I should check it out!