Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A very nice chappy has suggested that I put a sobriety counter on my blog as an extra help.  Is it a help?  I've never wanted to count because I just want to BE sober.  Like casually forever sober. But truth is I'm bloody early days.  Very early days.  In fact it was a shock when I just went and found a sobriety counter online (which for some reason I couldn't get to work on my blog) and I was only 1 month and 12 days.


I've been bandying around "2 1/2" months coz I'm kind of counting August as I went on the wagon for the month of August (as I would periodically do) and then had 5 days of heavy drinking before giving up for good on Sept 6th (when I started writing this blog).

So yeah.  Bloody early days.  A pathetic number of days.  Found that quite deflating.  I wish I was 2 years sober.

Then this morning I was counting units of a different kind.  Bottles of wine.  Went to the gym to get a new fitness programme and was chatting to the lovely (young) girl who was taking me through my new plan.  I was telling her that I wanted to lose some weight so was upping my cardio exercises, but that I knew that I had to cut down on my food intake too. She then asked if I drank and I said "no I've given it up" and after she picked her jaw up off the floor (being a non-drinker is not the done thing in this country) she asked me how many bottles of wine I used to drink in a week. 

I thought for a second and said "4 or 5" at which she raised her eyebrows like "yeah that's a lot" and I swiftly moved the conversation back to food.

But how many bottles of wine would I drink in a week?  I think I'll work this out as an extra reminder for why I've stopped.  I'll try to work out an honest pattern for my wine drinking in a 'heavy' phase.

Sunday:  Probably hung over from Saturday.  Could possibly not drink at all.  But perhaps get one bottle and have half of it.  Weekly total = half a bottle.

Monday: No hangover so get 1 bottle and drink it. Weekly total = One and a half bottles.

Tuesday: Hungover.  Get a bottle and drink half.  Weekly total = Two bottles.

Wednesday: Non hangover day.  Supermarket day.  Buy 2 bottles, drink 1 and a quarter bottles.  Weekly total = 3 1/4 bottles.

Thursday: Very Hungover.  Get a bottle perhaps have 2 glasses.  Weekly total = 4 bottles (?? ish, it's getting hard to total).

Friday: It's Friday!!!!!!  Drink at least a bottle and a half of wine.  Weekly total = 5 1/2  bottles.

Saturday: Hungover.  But who cares?!! It's Saturday!  Drink at least another bottle and a half of wine.  Weekly total = 7 bottles.

Seven bottles of wine in one week.  Perhaps I will start counting my sobriety days after all.  Must find a gadget that works..

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. You just hurry the days along can you? At one point I had stopped for six months. That's 180 odd days. That was a few years ago. It is such a stamina race, and perhaps the reason why people like counting days is that it is quantifiable and not as fearful as 'the rest f your life'. I know I can do six months, it will be shame to start again from where I am today of two days, but then once I get to six month I need to avoid the mistakes I made that first time around. So tired of starting again...

  2. I do the add up regularly - whiskey is my poison and at best I am 2- 2 1/2 bottles a week and at worst 3 plus Help me