Sunday, October 23, 2011

A HUGE PARTY!!!!!!!!!

So all of New Zealand is gearing up for a massive party tonight.  Tonight the All Blacks - our super-cool team of hard rugby men - are taking on France in the World Cup Final.  Oh yeah! Rugby is our national sport, our national religion, it means everything and we must win this trophy tonight.  We must!!

This country is completely mad for rugby.  You should see my local supermarket where I just went to stock up (yeast for the pizza bases, chippies, milk).. the place was heaving!  And all the trollys were full of snacks and booze.  Booze.  Lots and lots of booze.  The collective litres of alcohol that is going to be poured down kiwi throats tonight will be absolutely massive.

But not my delicate sober throat (ha ha).  V drinks for me, followed perhaps by a lime and soda (with ice cubes).  Mmmm yummy.  Do I want to get pissed on wine tonight like I normally would?  No.  There are going to be 7 adults and 13 kids at our place and I need to keep it all in control.  Also I gave that up a while ago - remember?!

But is there a tiny part of me that feels a little bit 'flat' about the fact that there's not going to be any alcohol in the mix for me tonight?  I'll be honest, yes there is.  A tiny part of me is still getting used to the alcohol free life I have adopted.  But that's ok.  I'm still in the adjustment phase.  And so far I'm doing great.

GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Congratulations on your win. Most of Australia was backing you :-)
    I hope you had a great evening with your friends and family