Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm kind of snippy and tense, which is a real bummer.  I thought I'd be feeling happier! Lighter! Free!  I've got no hangovers, no guilt and I'm sleeping right through every night (as opposed to my alcohol insomnia).  So why am I so tense?  I was snippy to Mr D last night, and yelled at my Big Guy this morning because he was fighting with me over having to do his spelling practice.  Jeez I just wish I could lighten up.  I need to shrug my shoulders and try to smooth myself out.  I should be feeling great!

It's one week since my final binge, and I'm so aware that it's early early days yet.  But I haven't wanted a drink at all and don't feel nervous about any upcoming weekends or events.  I feel like I never want to pour myself another glass of wine and go back down that track.  But I'm nervous because I just know it can't be this easy.

Big deep breath in .. woosh, breath out. In, out.  In, out....

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I can soooo relate to this. I have been at this stage myself but down the line there comes an event where you are familiar with the people attending who will notice if you say 'no'. I look forward to reading how you handled this as I am finally ready to pass that challenge too. Thank you so much for sharing...this is going to really help me finally reach my goal!!! I'm so ready.

  2. A long time overdueJune 28, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    Day 5 clear head . Loved waking sober this am. Particularly as a week ago I was puking after a moderate night out. Having taken all the necessary precautions to avoid such an outcome. When I think of all the steps taken what a waste of time and energy. I enjoyed playing netball without the guilt of needless over indulgence. I am not finding this easy. My weekend night treat is to sink a bottle of wine. I still want to do that.